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. americans are evacuating. they are threatening sanctions. >> good morning. officials of the obama administration say they are concerned about the safety of hundreds of americans still in libya. some remain stuck, and able to leave. yesterday the president spoke out against violence in libya. the u.s. is considering a full range of options to respond to muammar gadaffi's violent crackdown. protesters say they want progress and change. >> they suffering and bloodshed is outrageous. it is unacceptable. so far threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of libya. blacks the protests are bowling the due process is our -- >> the protesters are vowing to take hold of everything. hunters are feared dead, ordered murdered by the media -- hundreds are feared dead, ordered murdered by the leader. obama says some of the options we are considering is an no-fly zones and proposals for will companies to halt operations. abc 7 news. >> the turmoil in libya is affecting our economy. oil topped $100 a barrel. gas prices could reach three signify a gallon by the spr
. >>> 4:35 on this thursday morning. president obama is thinking high-tech. abercrombie and fitch is increasing prices. >> now to linda bell in new york. >> if you shop at abercrombie, the latest retailer raising prices. the soaring cost of cotton is adding pressure to their bottom line. the company says prices will go up sometime this year, but declined to say by how much. high grocery bills will remain high. they will stay that way awhile. an agriculture analyst tells us at blumberg that the prices of everything are rising and may last longer than rallies on the past. there's strong demand from china as one reason. economists expect there to be arise in the cost of living due to the higher food costs in part. president obama is rubbing elbows with some of the biggest ceo's today in technology. they will discuss job creation as well as the economy with them in a private session. that is business news live at blumberg headquarters in new york. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. -- bloomberg. >>> 4:36. >> another journalist caught in the mayhem. this time it was caught on tape, i
. >> thank you. 35 degrees outside. >> president obama calls for his egyptian counterpart to step aside. we will have the latest. >> first, more overnight outages. outages. have a live report our new neighbors are coming over for dinner. i've vacuumed my carpet but it's still so dingy. she needs resolve deep clean powder. it's fast and effective. resolve gets your carpet truly clean. the moist powder penetrates deep to release trapped in dirt left behind by vacuuming. leaving your carpet looking like new. and it dries in only 20 minutes. it looks great! the carpet that keeps up with the joneses. trust resolve. forget stains. for tough pet stains and odors resolve pet products get your carpet truly clean. >> welcome back. we are checking our top stories . the d.c. area's got a blow from the storm. some places were cold enough to see some pricice. heavy rain could lead to a standing water in some areas. that same storm is causing much bigger problems elsewhere. snow and ice have close airport of the way to rhode island. some places could get 2 feet of snow. several governors have declared sta
well under president obama's 2012 but budget. dc would receive $149 million, under the plan. metro would receive $150 million for upgrades. but republicans want to cut money for d.c. and metro. coming up, more on what the budget means for the d.c. area and the rest of the nation. >>> nays are 144, the bill is passed. >> the house passed a bill to extend provisions of the patriot act another 10 months. allow the government to use roving wiretaps and access records relative to but terrorism investigation. that legislation now moves to the senate. >>> egyptian military leaders want to end the disruptive protests in the wake of the revolution. but the spirit of that revolution is spreading. protesters took to the streets in iran, bahrain, yemen, and algeria. police have mobilized to quell those demonstrations. >>> google tries to keep up with computer hackers. fedex shares may take a hit in today's trading. >> linda bell joins us from new york with details on this. >> good morning. as the washington area is thawing out from the winter freeze, those affected are fedex and others. if the
one year since first lady michelle obama kicked off the let's move anti obesity campaign. he will mark the anniversary with an appearance on "live! with regis and kelly at 9:00 on abc 7. she will talk about health and obesity during stops in jordan also later this afternoon. >>> the first lady and says that her husband has quit smoking. the president struggled with the tobacco addiction stretching back to his teenage years. mrs. obama says it has been almost a year since the president last smoked. she did not offer any more details about how he quit, but mr. obama has acknowledged chewing nicotine gum. >> good for him. >>> it is cold, 21 degrees. >>, a local museum tries to ban public breast-feeding and new mothers rally. public breast-feeding and new mothers rally. >>> wednesday morning, clear skies right now, calm wind overnight, dry air in place. perfect recipe for cold morning temperatures. first let's look at the satellite and looked at the clouds. you see the areas of? -- of gray? thicker clouds expected later today and a few snow flurries later this evening and into tomorrow mor
are underway between the obama administration and top egyptian officials for his immediate resignation. many expect protest to grow in size and intensity. this is called the friday of departure. one of the solutions would be to hand power to the egyptian vice president. the hand over power to the interim government. the bloody clashes do not seem to be ending or slowing any time soon. at least 100 journalists have been attacked. u.s. officials are concerned for the safety of all american citizens in egypt. they are chartering flights for those who want to leave egypt. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >>> locally, pepco defends itself against more criticism. there are raising rates. there have been widespread outages during the recent snowstorms. regulators are investigating whether customers were being charged while they were in the dark. >> we lost for five days last summer. >> pepco said customers have never paid for energy they did not use. they said the rate increase is necessary. the customer using 1,000 kilowatt hours would set a monthly increase of more than $5. >>> it is decision day f
pension plan. president obama said that wisconsin's budget seems like an assault on unions. the wisconsin governor said the president should not criticize the governor for taking on the problems. >>> man shot and killed in laurel has become prince george's county's 20, thea bowman. the man was gunned down after 6:00 last night in the 1300 block of mistletoe road. ddot the scene. investigators don't have a suspect or motive. >>> the woman accused of throwing her granddaughter off the walkway at tyson's corner center faces a preliminary earing today. the toddler died after that fall in november. carmela dela rosa is charged with murder. her lawyer says her client has a history of mental problems. the child's mother is scheduled to testify at today's hearing. >>> two metro stations closed this president's day weekend. no train service between the metro center and log on plaza station on the blue and orange lines. stations in between will be shut down. this is from 10:00 tonight until closing on monday. free shuttle buses will be available. >>> president obama wants some of the biggest names
five other candidates. president obama issued a statement saying that he is proud of his friend and fellow chicagoan. he will succeed longtime mayor richard daley in may. >>> prices for one major department chain are all the way up. and the economy may be bouncing back. with oil prices on the rise, that is threatening the recovery. >> linda bell is live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. let's begin with stock-index futures on the heels of yesterday's big sell-off. stock-index futures indicating gains ahead of this morning's opening. yesterday oil surged, closing over $95 a barrel because of unrest in the middle east and north africa. morgan stanley analyst tell us if oil prices reach $120 a barrel on a sustainable basis, the global economic recovery is at risk of dipping back into recession. macy's is the latest retailer raising prices due to higher commodity costs like cotton. sears and j.c. penney's will address investors this week and we will see if they follow suit. warfare hikes at major airlines. blame that on higher fuel costs. there wa
-president omar suleiman. president obama criticized him for not offering a concrete path to democracy. we will fall of the latest developments of morning and have more in the next half-hour or. >>> the man convicted of killing federal intervention under levy will be sentenced this morning in d.c. superior court prosecutor. are seeking a life sentence for in margolin the, he faces a minimum sentence of 30 years in prison. -- for ingmar guandique. >>> pepco is going to be investigated this morning. it was grilled by lawmakers and regulators last week in the district and maryland. >>> economists say that china needs to get a cruddy picture. more families are being burdened by high energy costs. >> linda bell has more from bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> happy friday. as you crank up the heat this winter, many people don't have that luxury. energy costs are hurting low and fixed income families. we have a study for the american coalition for electricity that says one half of u.s. households spent 20 percent of their average income on energy costs this year. senior citizens and minorit
and president obama's comments from the white house. >> protesters showed their resolve while the city works to regain her routine. banks reopened for the first time in the week and cars returned to the streets. >> we have to stop now until we can see the change. >> egyptian and vice-president of met with opposition leaders and yesterday and has announced freedom of press and has since thepeople held uncas protest began. and met with the muslim brotherhood. a member of the brotherhood's leaders said the group will not seek the presidency if mubarak's steps down. president obama says that timeline remains unclear. >> is he leaving soon? >> on me he knows. -- only he knows, but in egypt will not go back to what it was. the muslim brotherhood is organized and there are strains of its ideology that are anti- u.s. >>> a curfew still in place in egypt and there are signs of uneasiness that remains along with the protests. abc news, washington. >>> the trial of a maryland man charged in a deadly incident in a cocky, taylor accused in the 2008 crest and killed eight people. he and another person acc
with the stabbing. >>> the budget will likely take center stage when president obama meets with senate democratic leaders at the white house this afternoon. the meeting comes as congress debates the president's 2012 budget proposal and house republicans tried to push through sharp cuts to the 2011 budget. >>> on this or early wednesday in is 4:36, 32 degrees. >> man versus machine, round two. m jeopardy talent. >> apartment fire in alexandria. and the afternoon nightmare that it caused. >> and other warmup is on the way. adam caskey has details next. >>> welcome back. time to look at today's business headlines. linda bell joins us from new york with a look at the day ahead. good morning. >> good morning. passengers on certain united flights this morning face delays or cancellations. the carrier says that nearly 100 of its boeing 757 jets need computer check ups and they need to do last-minute maintenance on them as well. iceland air is starting service out of washington dulles airport in may. you can experience the culture of iceland, eat the food, and more. prisoners in 2009 got undeserved feder
and gate. delta and continental may get a boost from obama's plan to comment s service to cuba. this could boost flights to the island by 25%. commercial service at an abandoned fidel castro rose to power 50 years ago. we did commercial service was banned. >>> flat screen tv sales are up. 70% of house is already own at least one of them. with fewer people buying them over the holidays, this could mean major markdowns for many of us. super bowl specials are expected to drive sales as well. that is business news. and blumberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:36 is the time, 29 degrees. >> ahead, another one looms on the streets of fairfax. we are hearing from victims. >> a closer look past the man behind center, just days before super bet 45. behind center, just days before super bet 45. >>> welcome back. it's thursday morning, thanks for joining us. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. they are going to have a mess in the midwest to clean up today. >>> a couple feet of snow in some locations. oklahoma picked up 20 inc
prices to increase 20% in the past week. president obama feel the market can ride out the situation in libya. thousands of foreigners are trying to get out of libya. many have landed in european airports. 150 americans are in the in waters, stock because of policies. the white house does the president is doing all that began to evacuate. >> he is concerned about the safety of americans and that is a priority. >> the u.s. also hopes to get a charter aircraft on the ground in tripoli today. if the bad weathe the bad weather is hampering things. >>> the price of crude is below $100 a barrel. prices dropped after the international energy agency said that the turmoil in libya may have cut oil production less than originally feared. oil prices have soared in recent weeks over fears that the growing unrest in the region could affect major oil-producing nations. >>> the death toll from the earthquake in new zealand is 113. workers are still picking through the ruins of damaged buildings in christchurch. they are looking for more than 200 people still missing since tuesday. rescuers have not
was not hurt. the driver was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. >>> president obama sent his budget proposal to congress. it freezes domestic spending, but include more money for education, high-speed rail, and economy jobs. it will reduce the deficit by more than $1 trillion in more than 10 years but republicans say it does not do enough to cut spending. >>> mica accounting board of education will vote today on the school budget. it faces a to $380 shortfall. the schools superintendent has asked for an increase in the budget. that's partly because the county expects enrollment to grow by more than the 3300 students next year. >>> egypt is effectively under martial law. but country makes the transition to democracy. military leaders dissolved parliament and suspended their constitution. they have pledged to meet with protesters regularly and incurred to them to form political parties and promised that elections in the next few months. >>> movie madness and borders bookstore may soon turn the page, a chapter 11. linda bell joins us from new york with these stories and more. go
his job soon. president obama appointed the former utah governor to that post in 2009. he is considered a potential republican presidential candidate in 2012. we thought it might happen and it's looks like it is. >> it is panning out. >>> it's 28 degrees. >> coming up later, a show of support and a call for change. the latest from the smithsonian arts controversy. >> first, another check on traffic and weather. it could be another d >>> welcome back. checking on traffic and weather. >> let's talk to adam caskey about what to expect in the next 24 hours. >> expect freezing rain changing over to rein in the metro area. the freezing rain will hold on long distance to the north of the metro. that will be after the evening rush hour. if there is a winter weather advisory in effect right now across the viewing area because there are areas of patchy light freezing drizzle. if you have to scrape your windshield quickly, but most of the roads and should be okay because of pretreatment. the winter weather advisory is until 12:00 noon. there's a winter storm watch for loudoun county,
to the streets of cairo to call on president gore are to leave office, but the obama administration says immediate departure could jeopardize egypt's transition to democracy. >>> green bay packers fans will spend another day celebrating the team's super bowl victory. there will be a big public celebration this afternoon during yesterday's thousands of fans turned out to welcome the team home from dallas. >>> a major break in entity -- much crime wave -- sa major break ina two-month crime wave have helped police find robbing suspects. >> william griffin and his accomplice are behind bars. this man was close to one of the hoses and griffin is accused of breaking into. he said suspect william griffin at one time lived in the neighborhood. >> pretty strange to know that somebody who use live in this community is burglarizing houses. >> they suspect griffin was involved in 18 break-ins. the most disturbing cases involve one house. in december griffin entered through an open garage door while the family slept. investigators allege griffon on more than one occasion to appeal is to a family car
. >> including the president and mrs. obama, not invited. interesting. >>> 46 degrees outside. >> coming up, a piece of presidential history found in a very unlikely place. >> first, another check of traffic and weather captioned by the national captioning institute >>> happy presidents day. meteorologist adam caskey. we have a few sprinkles manley north and west of the metro area. just a few sprinkles here and there. that is what we can expect off and on through the day. then there will be more organized precipitation this afternoon, this evening, and tonight. it should change to sleet and snow especially northwest of the metro area. that's where there's going to be the highest potential of accumulation. it should be 5 inches or more in the counties shaded in blue. that includes northwestern virginia. there is a winter storm watch in effect for this evening, tonight, and into tomorrow morning. there is a big temperature contrast right now because of the frontal boundary. 45 degrees in the district. a wide range introduced today, areas of rain developing especially this a
this morning, president obama takes his campaign for nationwide broad band access to michigan today. we will visit marquette. the president's national wireless initiative calls for extending high-speed internet to 98% of the population. hispanics are driving population growth in montgomery and prince george's counties. census figures show 100,000 hispanics have moved to those counties since 2007. they make up 17% of mogged county's population which stands -- montgomery county's population which stands at nearly a million people. prince storage stands at 863,000. >> thousands of people in egypt gathered in the square to demand president mubarak's immediate ouster. state workers are staging strikes across that country. the white house warned egypt's leaders the protests will continue until major charges are made. outside 28 degrees. >> coming up a little bit later, head start funding faces big cuts, but that is not the only reason parents are so mad. >> first another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. a light dusting of snow out there in most parts of the region. >> welcome ba
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